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    Tuesday, April 10, 2018   /   by Jim & Susan And The McCallion Team

    What Sold in SWFL During Our High Season?

    Will the snow ever stop?? Not here in Southwest Florida, of course, but that’s what our snow-bird residents are asking as they prepare to head back to their Summer homes up north. It has been a busy “high season” for all areas of business here in SWFL.

    Our local Love Boat Ice Cream shop opened it’s new location AND it’s old location two blocks away just to handle the volume of vacationers and visitors during the season. Real Estate has been just as busy, if not, slightly busier than last year. 

    Take a peak at the year to date sales statistics for homes and condos in our Southwest Florida area. The chart below includes sales data from the Gulf Coast M ...

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    Thursday, April 5, 2018   /   by Jim & Susan And The McCallion Team

    5 Comeback Trends From The 70’s

    No, we’re not bringing back the disco ball, sorry. But there are a number of style trends from the 70’s era that we’ve seen making a comeback with updated, modern twists!
    That 70’s Home Comeback Trends
    1. Macramé - The art of knotting cord or string into patterns to make decorative designs, yup, it’s making a comeback! The “earthy” rope look can nicely complement your existing coastal decor in your home here in Southwest Florida. 

    2. Groovy Colors - While bright colors might no ...

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    Thursday, March 29, 2018   /   by Jim & Susan And The McCallion Team

    Claiming Florida As Your Permanent Residence

    You’ve purchased your home here in Southwest Florida, yay! Now, how do you become an official resident of the sunshine state?

    First, you must ask yourself if you plan to spend more than half of the year (183 days to be exact) here in Florida? Maybe you have a home up north or out west, and only plan to spend the winter here. You’ll need to commit to spending 183 days in Florida in order to claim it as your domicile - AND - You Need ...

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    Thursday, March 22, 2018   /   by Jim & Susan And The McCallion Team

    A Spring Day Well Spent in Southwest Florida

    Green grass, blooming lilies, bright Bougainvillea, and bountiful citrus trees.
    Morning haze, warm sunshine, high-70’s, and cool evening breeze.
    These are a few our of favorite Spring things!

    Photo courtesy of Flickr - A Scottow
    Watching the white ibis pluck insects from your lawn as you sit on your lanai, sipping morning coffee.
    Waving at neighbors while walking the dog, and inviting them over for wine at sunset. 

    Photo courtesy of Flickr - curatork77
    Exploring nature paths on bike or foot, or taking a slow stroll in the sand.
    Watching the sunset over the bridge, and then heading to happy hour to sway along with local live musicians. 

    Photo courtesy of Flickr - dconvertini
    Pulling down your ball cap and cheering on Spring training teams with hotdog in hand.
    Stopping at LoveBoat for ice cream sundaes before bedtime.
    These are a few more of our favorite Spring things! 

    Photo courtesy of Flickr - TLWebb
    Easter sunrise service on ...

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    Wednesday, March 14, 2018   /   by Jim & Susan And The McCallion Team

    7 Lucky Charms For Your SWFL Real Estate

    Feeling Lucky? We all are lucky to live in or perhaps frequently visit sunny Southwest Florida. 

    And, when it comes to buying or even selling your home here in Southwest Florida, there are ways to increase your lucky hand! Let’s jump right in…

    7 Lucky Charms of Real Estate

    1.) Look for four leaf clovers in your front yard! Since it’s highly unlike you’ll stumble over a pot of gold in your front yard, four leaf clovers are the next best symbol of luck for your real estate. 

    2.) Buy a home with the house number “777.” This might be as rare as finding the pot of gold, and, no, you can’t change your house number… but mayb ...

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