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    At McCallion & McCallion you work with a team of marketing and real estate professionals focused on YOU. Unlike a traditional real estate brokerage with large numbers of agents working independently, our team works together to ensure you are happy and best served. 
    McCallion & McCallion Team Members

    Susan McCallion

    Broker | Realtor®


    Hi! I’m Susan McCallion, Sanibel resident, former non-profit executive, mother of four, and Broker and Principal of McCallion & McCallion Realty. Together with my husband, Jim, we started our practice on Sanibel Island in 2009, and have since opened doors as our own brokerage. Our love for Sanibel Island started more than 20 years ago when Jim proposed to me on the island. Living in Miami at the time, we vacationed on Sanibel for a number of years before packing up and becoming permanent Island residents in 2008. While in Miami, I led a large non-profit dropout prevention program, Communities in School of Miami (CIS), which had a major impact on area high school graduation rates and encouraged students to continue to college. As President and CEO of the organization, it was my privilege to help CIS grow from serving 140 high schoolers to more than 6,000 students overall with a budget over $3 million, 15 staff members, 40 full-time VISTA and AMERICORPS volunteers and 200 non-paid volunteers. For me, this experience was life changing, memorable and beyond rewarding. From it, I learned that I am a skilled negotiator and have a creative mindset and talent for finding innovative solutions to challenges that arise. I’ve found that these skills, combined with my passion for helping others has led to my success as a Broker and Realtor on the island. Coupled with Jim’s background in marketing and technology, our brokerage presents a unique offering to customers, who appreciate being more than just a “transaction” in our books. We work hard to make sure our clients become acclimated with the island, and we serve as a resource even after they purchase their dream home.

    James McCallion

    Marketing Director | Principal


    Hello. I’m Jim McCallion, the other half of McCallion & McCallion Realty. My wife, Susan, and I joined forces to start our real estate practice on Sanibel Island back in 2012, and we are thrilled at how quickly the business has grown and expanded. You see, we wanted to “Do Real Estate Differently” - Breaking down the many aspects of a good real estate agent, and having specialized professionals work together to create the best home buying and selling experience for our customers. And it worked! Our clients continually express their gratitude for the great service we provide, which is what it’s all about. More About Me: I’m a FLORIDIAN - Born just outside Chicago but raised in Southwest Florida. I remember when areas such as Bonita Springs and Estero were untouched swamplands, where I would go fishing and exploring as a boy. The development of Southwest Florida has been an exciting transformation to witness, and I enjoy sharing our rich history with those unfamiliar with the area. With a background in technology, I owned and operated a software company in Miami for 10 years before moving to Sanibel Island. I quickly put my marketing and technology experience to practice, helping Susan and other business owners leverage the web in order to grow and prosper. Helping Susan’s real estate practice turned into a full-time job rather quickly, and I’m happy to say that opening our own business has been one of the most rewarding career decisions I’ve made.

    James Walseman

    Sales Partner | Realtor®


    Hello, I’m James Walseman, a proud husband and father, and Realtor® here in Southwest Florida. Like many, I am a transplant of Southwest Florida, relocating to be closer to family. In fact, I was born and raised in Long Island, New York, graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook, and then spent 25 years in Boston where I served as VP of Operations for a Regional Credit Union. I gradually worked my way south, spending another 15 amazing years in Charleston, South Carolina, where I served as an Account Manager for State Farm Insurance. Charleston is where my wife, Gina, and I raised our child Emmi with many grand memories. Coincidentally, our lifestyle in Charleston closely resembles our weekend family time here in Southwest Florida with trips to the beach, and lots of delicious dining experiences. What I thought I might miss in Charleston, I’ve found to be even greater here near the beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel. Of course the weather and water stays warmer here throughout the year, but we’ve also grown fond of the fantastic sunsets here on the western side of the state. The natural beauty of the Gulf Coast attracts so many of us to flock south and make Southwest Florida “home.” I know the process of relocating can be stressful, that’s why I work hard to relieve as much stress as possible during your transition. My years in the insurance industry allowed me to experience multiple sides of the real estate process that often go hand-in-hand. What I love about McCallion & McCallion is that we help with all aspects of buying and selling, not just finding the property for potential buyers, and writing the contract… but also assisting with inspections, permitting, and the transfer of home services. You are a valued client from the first day we chat, through closing day, and beyond! Wether you are buying a vacation home, relocating permanently, or selling your home here in Southwest Florida, I look forward to getting to know you more, and helping you through this new life transition. Fun Facts: In my spare time, I enjoy golfing and the quiet concentration it requires. My favorite “mindless” activity of course is strolling the shoreline, looking for unique shells in the sand. While I enjoy eating out, nothing beats my wife’s homemade pasta, which she packaged and sold during our Charleston days.

    Denny Chan

    Client Care Coordinator


    Hello, I’m Denny Chan, a Client Care Coordinator at McCallion & McCallion, former teacher and musician, and proud father of two. When I was younger, I remember my grandfather sitting at the table of our family gatherings, talking to us (or whoever would listen) about his real estate business. He and my aunt both owned real estate brokerages, so as you can imagine, I’ve had it instilled in me at a very young age! It wasn't until I started working in real estate myself that I began to fully understand their sentiments towards helping others find the perfect home. Here at McCallion & McCallion, I now share those same happy and fulfilling moments of helping clients through this major purchase decision and life milestone. Though it seems far off into the future, I can’t wait to “shop” for my own retirement home one day! For now, I am loving every minute watching my two young children grow, and spending time with my lovely wife, Mary Grace. In our free time, we enjoy gathering up our sand buckets and floaties for a fun-filled day at the beach. Besides the beach, my wife and I have also enjoyed traveling overseas together. In 2010, we spent some time in Singapore, Malaysia, enjoying the big city life and beautiful scenery on the coast. We’re open and excited to see where life’s adventures take us in the future! I’d love to hear about your travels, and what has drawn you to the beaches of Sanibel Island and Southwest Florida!

    Joe Ziccardi

    Sales Partner | Realtor®


    Hello, I’m Joe Ziccardi, Real Estate Agent, Avid Sports Fan, and a Proud Grandfather of Seven. I’m originally from Maple Shade, New Jersey, where I grew up, attended school and graduated from Villanova University. After a 28-year career in sales with The Coca Cola Company, I took an early retirement and moved to Southwest Florida. My wife Barbra and I love to travel - we’ve been all over the world… but there’s something special about the tropical climate and green Gulf waters of Southwest Florida that we love to call our HOME. Together, we have three children and seven grandchildren all living here in the Fort Myers area. It’s a blessing to have my family nearby and to see my grandchildren learn and grow. I especially enjoy watching their local high school sporting events and traveling to see their collegiate level of play. While working 17 years in Cleveland, Ohio during my time with The Coca Cola Company, I had the chance to manage accounts with professional sports teams such as the Cleveland Browns, Indians and Cavilers. I have always enjoyed meeting clients, talking with customers and looking for ways to better meet everyone’s needs. In fact, my sales experience and natural knack for communicating with people led me out of retirement and into the Real Estate industry in 2008. Since receiving my license, I have been working on Sanibel Island, focusing my practice on real estate in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, and Sanibel and Captiva Islands. As a member of the McCallion & McCallion team, I’m able to use my knowledge of the market and experience in sales to better serve our clients. Our team has specialized staff members, working to help you enjoy a smooth home buying or selling process. We love Southwest Florida, and would love to help you find a place to call home as well.

    Patty Holston

    Sales Partner | Realtor®


    Hi, I’m Patty Holston, a marathon runner, mother of two, and licensed Realtor®. Throughout the years I’ve found myself moving further and further south, finally landing in Southwest Florida more than 10 years ago. Considering I grew up in Massachusetts, you can see I traveled a long way before finding the beautiful area we now call home. Like many, the idea of slowing down, living more simply and enjoying the warm weather year-round made the decision to move fairly easy. Upon graduating from New York University and living the “city life” with my husband, Craig, we eventually moved to the suburbs of New Jersey where I continued my career in direct marketing. I enjoyed my time working for Time Warner, Simon & Schuster and JP Morgan Chase, but decided to leave the corporate world and go back to school for a degree in Elementary Education. As I’m sure most teachers can relate, my 10 years of teaching were some of the most rewarding years of my career to date. It was the best decision for our family of four when we packed our bags and moved to Southwest Florida. My daughter Julia, who is now in the IB program at Fort Myers High School, and my son Liam who will be graduating the Sanibel School soon love Florida’s warm weather - especially since we are a family of runners! Together, we love running and biking the area’s scenic paths. When not watching our kids at track and cross country meets, my husband and I enjoy running the island together, especially before dawn. The island’s natural beauty and unique wildlife made wonderful training grounds for the Chicago Marathon we ran and completed in 2013. As you can see, our family loves adventure! We enjoy traveling every summer and creating memories we’ll never forget. At McCallion & McCallion, my job is to help you on your own adventure of finding the perfect home for you and your family. I love working at a place with such a diverse set of talents and gifts. Our team collaborates to provide the best service and support for each and every client, just like a teacher does for each and every student!

    Kate Helman

    Sales Partner | Realtor®


    Anna Turner

    Sales Partner | Realtor®


    Hello, I’m Anna Turner, Real Estate Agent, Boating Extraordinaire and Proud Mother of Three. I first fell in love with Southwest Florida when my parents moved here from Richmond, Virginia in the 80’s. After a few visits, my husband Jeff and I soon realized why so many people choose to live here: the pristine beaches, the tropical environment and unique wildlife to name a few. The idea of a more relaxed lifestyle sold us on moving to the area, and this remains our favorite aspect of living in Southwest Florida. Like many, we made the leap of faith and moved after dreaming of what life would be like outside the corporate world, and we haven’t looked back since. We are proud to say our three children went to the Sanibel School, graduated from the International Baccalaureate Program at Fort Myers High School, and have gone on to become FSU Seminoles. While our children attended the Sanibel School, I had the privilege of working in the school's front office for 10 years, building relationships with many of the families on Sanibel and the surrounding areas. I initially became attracted to real estate after Jeff and I purchased our first home in Charlotte, NC, and in 1988, I earned my real estate license. My interest spiked as we experienced first handedly the process of corporate relocation throughout our cross-country moves from Charlotte, North Carolina to Chicago, Illinois to Seattle, Washington and finally to Southwest Florida. Having never lost my love for the industry, I earned my Florida Real Estate License in 2010 and immediately started my career on sunny Sanibel. I have worked as a team with Susan and Jim McCallion since 2012. What I love about working at McCallion & McCallion is the ability to focus on the unique needs of each client. I know from experience how beneficial it is to partner with a real estate professional who not only knows the real estate market - but who can also help you integrate into the local community. Having achieved my dream of living in paradise, I’d love to help you find the home of YOUR dreams!

    Elise Green

    Sales Partner | Realtor®


    Hi, my name is Elise Green and I am a real estate professional, fur baby momma, travel junkie, former professional dancer, and newlywed! I live on Sanibel with my husband, Richard, our three cats, and our puppy Charlie. We first fell in love with Sanibel Island while living and working in Orlando, FL. Coming over the Sanibel Causeway for the first time, I had tears in my eyes, knowing I found the perfect island to call home! The lushness of the island, the nature reserve, the gorgeous shell-lined beaches, and the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the island made our decision to move to Sanibel an easy one. Originally from California, I studied English and Dance at California State University Long Beach. I have been teaching dance for more than 20 years now, and I have been fortunate enough to travel internationally instructing for the Universal Dance Association. I started my professional performance career at Disneyland, where I danced in parades and shows for six years before promotions took me to Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line, with roles in Entertainment Management. After 15 years with the company, I switched career paths and was able to pursue my professional real estate career full-time. My love affair with real estate began at age 22, when I purchased my first home. I then began investing in real estate, doing remodels and reselling. I really enjoy taking something that has been neglected or run-down, polishing it and making it sparkle again! In Orlando, I worked for one of the top teams in Central Florida as a dedicated Buyer’s Specialist, gaining a wealth of knowledge while helping buyers purchase their new homes. In my first year, I was named Keller Williams “Rookie of the Year” for my market center, an award for which I am deeply honored. I am thrilled to be part of the McCallion & McCallion team, because I know how important it is to surround yourself with the best in the business. Not only do Susan and Jim have a vast knowledge of Sanibel real estate, they care deeply for their community and their clients, as do I. My goal as your Realtor® is to streamline the buying process to make it as efficient and enjoyable as possible. More About Me: In my free time, I enjoy boating with my wonderful hubby, traveling abroad, or exploring our beautiful island paradise. I have two nephews in California who I absolutely adore. Time spent with them is very special to me. Fun fact, I was recently chosen for HGTV’s House Hunters, and I had an awesome time filming the episode on island. Finding my dream home on Sanibel was a fantastic experience, and I would be honored to make your house hunting experience equally rewarding!

    Tammy Heisler

    Sales Partner | Realtor®


    Tiffany Mills

    Marketing Coordinator


    Hi! I’m Tiffany Mills, the Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Junkie at McCallion & McCallion. Born in Washington, DC and raised in Maryland, I spent my first two years out of college working in the city. Commuting two hours into and out of DC every day became old rather quickly, and so together with my boyfriend, we decided to free ourselves from the everyday hustle and bustle up North. We thought to ourselves, “Why wait until we’re retired to live in paradise?” …And so we moved to Southwest Florida. I am continuously amazed at the beauty of Southwest Florida, most especially the numerous types of palm trees and funny looking birds. Every morning, I enjoy my ride onto Sanibel Island, and can’t help but smile when I reflect on the bumper-to-bumper beltway traffic I’ve traded for the sandy two-lane streets of Sanibel. Adjusting to island time and a slower pace of life has been a breeze, and I have fallen in love with the small town appeal of Sanibel and Captiva Islands. With a B.A. in Communications and a working M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communications, I have a passion for designing attractive marketing materials and communicating with clients through personalized outreach. My job is to take the expertise from our knowledgeable Realtors, and put it in plain English for you and I to understand. At McCallion & McCallion, we work together as a team to provide the most pertinent information to you. Now that I’m a Floridian, I plan to renew my boating and SCUBA license I obtained as a teenager and never used. I’d love to own a boat someday and spend my free time partaking in beach and water sports. I secretly aspire to be a professional beach volleyball player, but if that doesn’t work, I’d settle for a professional beach bum.

    Trish Carr

    Client Care Coordinator


    Hello! I'm Trish - the Client Care Coordinator and Director of Smiles for the McCallion & McCallion Team. I work with our agents and clients during the closing process to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Originally from North Carolina, I attended college in Georgia and recently made Southwest Florida my new home. In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis and going to the beach!

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